Rotary Shredder
Rotary Shredder are heavy during crushing or shredding machines that are commonly used in the large recycling plants to tear down the metallic and non-metallic objects with the help of two long cylindrical blades that rotates in mesh with each other.
Shear Machine
Shear Machine are industrial grade hydraulically powered machining units that are used for the cutting of the hard objects by the application of large shearing force. They are designed as per the industrial standards that make them highly efficient and fast in operation.
Hydraulic Briquetting Production Line
Hydraulic Briquetting Production Line are the stand alone systems that are designed by our team of highly skilled professionals by using advanced technologies and heavy duty driving elements. The structural frames of these machine units are highly rigid and sturdy.
Drum Cylinder Crusher
Drum Cylinder Crusher are heavy duty hydraulic presses that are used for the crushing of damaged metallic cylinders into compact sized plates. These machines run on standard alternating voltage for the safe and efficient functioning.

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